Not estate plan or elder law it is Life Planning for you and your family

Life Plan Answers –
If you’re 18, 108, or any age in between, you need some planning.

Not Estate Planning, Elder Law, or Probate…
It’s a plan for your life!

Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate/Administration…
Legal terms often cause more confusion than answers:
– Do I have an estate?
– When am I “elder?”
– What is Probate and can I avoid it?

Let’s simplify it –
You need some planning – leg`al Life Planning – to manage the intersection of your life and legal happenings. It may be a medical emergency or a sudden need for someone to have access to financial information to assist you.

What do you and your family need?

The answer – your Life Plan Answer – is a unique-to-you situation. Your age, your children’s ages, parents’ ages, things you own, and many other things combine to determine options to address your Life Plan solution.

Download “5 Documents & 5 Questions” to start thinking about planning for your life.

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CCSK Law-Life Plan Answers More than estate planning elder law probate

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Life Plan Answers - it's more than just estate planning, elder law or probate administration. Your Life Plan is planning specifically created for you.